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First Year – How often to Capture Baby|Chicago Baby Photographer

In just a few months it is amazing to watch babies go from newborn swaddled up to six months old and reaching for their toes!

I often get asked WHEN… When should I get pictures taken???

As a mom and a photographer, I always say when you see they are doing something new.  Don’t get caught up in the # of months old your baby is – and let’s be honest most have a sticker that you put on/near the baby to say 3 months old, etc. I encourage parents to look for new milestones – sitting up, reaching for toes, when you get that giggle from them, when they are standing, walking, etc.  Or special moments – like family being in town from afar, a christening/baptism outfit made from heirloom items that they will only fit into a short time.  However as a rule of thumb I say newborn – between 5-7 months is always fun – and First birthday are a good guideline for the first year and will capture their growth and changes : )  And mini sessions are always a great option too for first year so you can capture multiple times!!

Summer Showers & Puddles|Tinley Park Family Photographer

Two year photo sessions are usually a busy session of playing, chasing and being quick to capture moments!

When we were planning this session, mom couldn’t decide to go with her cute white dress and bow in a simple location or to add her pink favorite boots – which they have bought in three different sizes because she loves them so much.

Being the typical Chicago weather, it poured rain for two days before her session and left big puddles so we were able to mix in her boots and water to this session.  And her smiles running through the puddles and in her boots will forever be in mom’s heart.

This was a first splashing puddle session and I would do it again!!!

Lifestyle Photography Session|Chicagoland Photographer

I get to capture moments for families to treasure.

Two of the most asked questions I get is what is the cost and where do I take pictures at for the session?

And while price often depends on the location, I always encourage people to think of a place that is comfortable for their children/family.  I have been working with this family for the last 5 years and last year Mom wanted to try a lifestyle fun session, which led us to a Fort Park where the kids were in their element.  It was a beautiful morning, the kids were playing, laughing, hiding and not just posing for the camera.  Mom was happy!!

So school is out and this year Mom asked what I thought about the zoo as the kids love the zoo and being members it was easy to access for them.  Truly from the moment I walked out of the car the kids excitement to show me around the zoo was overflowing.  Even when we would stop for a “posed” picture it was an easy smile and then they couldn’t wait to show me the next stop!

And while the kids were patient waiting for the polar bear window – it truly paid off with this moment – and they even forgot I was there with them!  And magically this happened. The awe of waiting for the bear and to see if he/she was going to the take the plunge.

We had a great time and I can’t wait to see what Mom’s next idea is!!

Baby First Year Milestones|Tinley Park Photographer

Last summer I got to capture this sweet family as they welcomed their first baby home!! And we have kept up his milestone sessions during his first year and the next milestone is ONE year old pictures and he’s going to be a big brother too!  I can’t wait to see is he has a baby brother or sister and watch their family grow by two feet and unimaginable love!!