all i want for christmas is – chicago child photographer {tinley park}

Yes I know today is June 25th!  I realized it is exactly six months till Christmas when my youngest was singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth before bed {and he was in Christmas pj’s which he picked out}!!  I don’t typically share a lot personally on the blog but today I wanted to.

I have shared that I will be taking a month hiatus from shooting August 15 through September 15 as he is having surgery.  Today was step one in the process as he had THREE teeth pulled and was a total CHAMP!!  We have been seeing doctors and dentist through Lurie Children’s Hospital & I can’t even say enough good things about them – we absolutely LOVE them!  They are truly amazing to work with and work magic with kids.

Once we were home he was excited to eat ice cream and popsicles and have mom to himself {as his siblings went on a little trip till Thursday}.  So my little guy and I had a day of Uno Attack, playing with the puppy, getting ice cream, watching the shows he wanted, reading books and getting ready for the tooth fairy visit!  He had some great ideas that the tooth fairy may bring a lot for THREE teeth.  We shall see his thoughts in the morning but I am most thankful for everything going well and having these moments with him.

I love his big open smile : )

tucking those teeth into “pirate”

placing it under the pillow

and a quick pic with mom before bed

So another milestone today all my babies no longer have baby front teeth!!

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