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This past weekend was truly an amazing fall weekend of fall weather and the fall colors are out.


During the fall I find images are being captured for gifts, for holiday cards and to freeze these moments in time for us parents.  As I meet families as the children get older usually once a year a common discussion is just how fast the time goes.    While I have known my friend in the above picture for many years and it was so happy to capture her family!  This is an image that I hope gets printed up to enjoy in their home not just digitally available.

Yes I said just not digitally!  While I know I am just as guilty {I have way too many personal pictures waiting to be visited} as many other parents of having the images on my computer from the year {and of course backed up for safety} but I don’t often get to print or share them as much as I’d like.

During the summer of 2012 I met the “K” family when they had their first baby.  I was honored to be the one to capture his first year.  The “K” family just moved into their new house this summer.  During their last session, we were talking about how she can finally hang up pictures from the year.  The challenge was figuring out the best way to display the pictures from the year.  I told her about my picture wall, which is one is my favorite things!  And even better was my husband and I didn’t have to get into a few words hanging it {for some reason hanging up things never goes as smooth as a nail hammer and then it’s up in our house} as we hired it out to a friend from college, Chad Esslinger of Chad Esslinger Design.  Chad understood the vision and put it together and installed it.  So I passed along Chad’s information to her and then I saw the end result last week.  I had to share.  If you are waiting to figure out the design and which pictures, please treat yourself and call Chad.


We all agree once a session is over we are thankful to have the images so take the next step to get them displayed!

Chad Esslinger Design


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