Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}



*what does the session price include?

Travel time, session time, editing of each image you are given & a CD with full printing rights. Although we only meet for about an hour at the session – I take lot of “behind the scene” time to deliver you pictures that I hope you treasure for years to come. The session is reviewed and each image presented to you has been edited in detail and provided in color & b.w.

*is it possible for me to get all my images?

It is not possible to get all your images from the session.  As I shoot many images throughout your session and choose the best ones.  However some sessions result in excess of 25 images – given that situation – I will contact the client to discuss if they are interested in extra images.  I take great pride in the images I provide and that is why I deliver the best to you.  I think we all know how often someone may be talking – blink – look the other way quick – adding a little blur – so I trust that you know I am delivering your best images for you to treasure.

*where will my session take place?

Sessions can take place in your home or most locations you choose. There are many great locations so please let me know if you need some suggestions. Ideally you want to choose a location with good natural light that will allow your children/family to be relaxed and comfortable.

*why is there a travel fee?

There is an additional travel fee to cover the the cost of gas & tolls and the additional time it adds to the session.  As my normal radius is 15 miles from 60477.

* why is there a fee for 6 or more people?

There is an additional fee for groups of 6 or more as they often result in more images needing to be taken & therefore more images to review. The session does not result in more images delivered but requires more time to edit and sometimes requires “swapping” heads when eyes closed and the rest are right on.

* when is my payment due?

A $50.00 deposit is required at booking {must be received in 7 days to hold session} and then it is applied towards your seesion. The remaining payment is payable at your session in form of cash, credit card or check. If paying by credit card I need that information prior to the session.

* what do you do if the weather is looking unfavorable?

My goal is to provide pictures you will treasure – so if the weather is unfavorable we will reschedule. Usually decision is made that morning or night before if really wet/cold/hot!

* what is your cancellation policy?

Ideally 24 hours notice but I realize that is not always possible. If your session is rescheduled within two months of your cancelled session your deposit will be put towards that session otherwise the deposit is forfieted.

* when is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

It is best to photograph newborns within the first 14 {fourteen} days.

* how do I schedule a newborn session?

Ideally before your delivery using your due date for estimation of when session will occur. If  you happen to get my information after delivery, I will let you know if there is availability.  I only reserve one newborn spot a week as we know they tend to arrive when they are ready.

* what if my child is not cooperating during the session?

I make the best effort to engage your child in play & fun. If the child is truly not connecting we will reschedule for another day and try again!

* when can I expect to see my photos?

Images are ready two weeks after your session {three weeks in September/October/November}. I edit each session in the order they were shot – so if you need them before the two week mark – you will need to contact me to discuss the rush delivery and fees.

*are there any limits to what I can do with my digital images?

I ask that if you post images on facebook that you acknowledge they were taken by christinabailitz photography.  These images are not permitted for for commercial use without permission.

* how long will you keep my digital images?

I will keep your proof images for six months on the online gallery on the website. These images would be able to be reposted  or redelivered on CD for a fee after six months.   Your original files from the session are kept for two weeks from image delivery and then removed so please make sure to review your images.  Due to the large size of the files I only keep the delivered images.

* do you offer a referral program?

I offer a $50 print credit to the client that referred you.

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