First Year – How often to Capture Baby|Chicago Baby Photographer

In just a few months it is amazing to watch babies go from newborn swaddled up to six months old and reaching for their toes!

I often get asked WHEN… When should I get pictures taken???

As a mom and a photographer, I always say when you see they are doing something new.  Don’t get caught up in the # of months old your baby is – and let’s be honest most have a sticker that you put on/near the baby to say 3 months old, etc. I encourage parents to look for new milestones – sitting up, reaching for toes, when you get that giggle from them, when they are standing, walking, etc.  Or special moments – like family being in town from afar, a christening/baptism outfit made from heirloom items that they will only fit into a short time.  However as a rule of thumb I say newborn – between 5-7 months is always fun – and First birthday are a good guideline for the first year and will capture their growth and changes : )  And mini sessions are always a great option too for first year so you can capture multiple times!!

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