Happy Father’s Day|Chicago Family Photographer

Over the last seven years, I have worked with many families and if there is one thing I can tell you is that Dad’s that come to the session ready to have fun & make it the best it can be will come away with family memories treasured by all.    Picture sessions are so much more than the moment snapped.  It is the time being together and capturing the family being a family.  Dad’s often are the ones that get the kids laughing and playing and that helps mom relax & the kids relax.  I am a mom of three and I always say I know picture day adds {just a little} stress to mom as she organizes and prays that the weather cooperates, everyone sleeps, and everyone will cooperate.

During the photography session, I often keep snapping pictures between poses and locations in the area we are shooting because this is the time you often get kids being kids and having fun.  Yes I know sitting on the blanket cozied up makes a great picture but most kids would rather be running and laughing at the park.

So thank you Dad’s for coming out ready to make picture day fun so these moments don’t get lost.  Because Moms love pictures like this one just as much as everyone cozied up on a blanket!!!  As one day that little boy will not be able to raised above your head and giggling as he looks in your eyes.

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

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