Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mom’s – Chicagoland Child Photographer

Here are the Mother Stories you shared with me

{it’s a long post but a good mother’s day read}

* I love seeing this amazing little individual grow into such a beautiful person knowing that she came from me.

* My most favorite memories are of all of the first’s…First time I felt my babies kick, first time I held them, first smile and first steps.

* When I took my Girl Scouts to volunteer at Shepherd’s Table in Joliet.  Sam came along to help.  By the end of our four-hour volunteering session, Sam had become friendly with several of the homeless men that were attending lunch that day and before we left I watched him walk around and high-five-shake hands and say goodbye to these men.  It was pretty awesome to see my young son treat these men with the kindness, compassion and respect that they deserved.

No one can describe to you what it will feel like to become a mother for the first time. I knew the moment Giada was placed in my arms for the first time 6 months ago that my life would never be the same. I was overcome with so much love! Since then, I enjoy spending every day with her and watching her grow & learn. Nothing is more special than experiencing all of the “firsts” with her {first smile, first laugh, & most recently her first time rolling over}. From her piercing blue eyes, to her curly hair {with one big curl on top!}, I love her from head to toe!

In July of 2009 I had to rush to Australia to be with my mother who was dying of cancer. It was the first time I had been home to Australia by myself since I was married in 1998, and my three children (who were aged 9, 7 and 4 at the time) were sobbing as I left for the airport. I spoke to them on the phone every day while I was gone, and the first question they would ask me was “Mom, when are you coming home?”. I spent 12 days with my mum before she passed, and I was away from my family for three whole weeks. My husband did a wonderful job taking care of the kids and the house, as well as trying to work his full time job! But, I missed my kids, and they missed me. When I flew home, they met me at the airport. As I went down the escalator to the baggage claim, I saw 3 little pairs of feet, then 3 pairs of legs in jeans, then 3 little kids holding up signs they had made that read “Welcome home, Mom. We missed you!”. When they saw me they all burst into tears, and so did I. It was a very emotional time for all of us for many reasons, but coming home to my children made me realize that, even though I had lost my mum, my life is filled with the blessings of my wonderful husband and three beautiful, healthy children!

* I have to say experiencing Disney with my son last October was the best moment so far, and will probably be one of the best moments ever.  We took him for his 2nd birthday and it was amazing to see him light up and experience it all for the first time.  He was in shock meeting Mickey Mouse and still talks about it.  I grew up going to Disney yearly and I know realize what my parents experienced as I was growing up.

* The first one was watching my four older children become the (unofficial to the church, but official to us) Godparents to Luke.  We were blessed to have a private baptism ceremony with a favorite Deacon at St. Julie and the pride on Jake, Grace, Sam & Katie’s faces as they took part in the ceremony with their baby brother is something that I will never forget.

* Being a mom has brought new meaning to the word family. My favorite moments are uneventful….times at church when they are blessed by the priest. Or right now….seeing their completely happy faces at Disney world! My life would be empty without my kids!!!

* Nothing beats nursing a newborn in the quiet dark of the wee hours in a rocking chair!  Then, there’s the satisfaction of seeing my grown children become compassionate, loving adults on the brink of creating their own relationships…can’t wait to feel a grandchild in my arms…

* Thanks to my mom I have been able to raise twin 4year old boys and not lose my mind. my mom has taught me so much and has also helped me more than words or tears can ever explain! when people say I am just like my mom I take that as the biggest compliment. so on mothers day I celebrate her my time will come later..

* I have to say one of my favorite memories is when I was putting on my makeup getting ready for work in the morning one day and Kyle (who was about 18/19 months old) was sitting there watching me and said “Pretty…Mama…Pretty”.  It melted me to the core!

* The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new. – Rajneesh  Becoming a mother has been the most amazing gift.  No one can ever explain words the love you feel for your child. My heart is full and smile everyday.

* My most favorite memories are of all of the first’s…First time I felt my babies kick, first time I held them, first smile and first steps.

* Last April, I had my third baby, Finn.  It was kind of a cold and rainy April, but I ended up being so thankful for it!  My favorite memories of April, were snuggling with my three “babies” for afternoon naps.  My 5 year old son would lay down on one side of me, my daughter on the other side and the baby would snuggle under my neck.  I knew that my older son’s days of napping were pretty much over, but it was so sweet that I had that chance to snuggle with all of them!    I’ll never forget it!


Thank you so much for sharing these moments with me!  It touched me to read them and then reflect on my own memories. One of my favorite moments – I clearly remember coming home the hospital with our youngest.  My last pregnancy was truly a journey and that I day I had overwhelming feelings of thanks and feeling blessed.  I had a supportive loving husband; a sweet 4 year old girl; a super happy 2 year old boy and a little boy that beat the odds and taught me more before coming out of the womb than I could imagine and he was coming home with us with no complications.  Truly pulling away three car seats and in a minivan {which I was never going to have} I was beyond blessed and ready to continue our family story.

this is me now with my kiddos – love them to pieces!!

And the winner of the $100 gift card is Kerry Rost!  I can’t wait to get your crew in for a session!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

And Happy Mother’s Day to my mom – although you are not here for me to call, send a card or visit I thank you for all you gave to me to make me who I am today.  You left us way too soon but I know you are watching the legacy you created.

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