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I often get the response “Why would I want to capture this time?”, when I bring up maternity pictures to an expecting mom when discussing newborn sessions!!

As a mom to three children, now that are 11, 9 and 7, I look back at that time before I was able to look into their eyes, and remember the joy of feeling their kick with my hand on my stomach {or the jab they just gave to let me know they were there}, when they rolled over inside, or a case of the hiccups starts, and being amazed at how my body changed to house this little miracle.  Did I feel beautiful at the time, I am not going to lie, I felt like a whale.  I felt like I had a basketball under my shirt making some every day tasks harder.  However, I look back now and think how special that time was.  And now that I want to capture each stage of their lives, I wish I took the time to capture that stage for me & them to see what mom looked like when they were growing.  And I WISH I had pictures taken of my babies with my belly when baby #2 and baby #3 were growing {as they were still little as when I had baby three my oldest just turned 4}.

Recently one of my dear friends was blessed with a third pregnancy and I told her you have to do maternity pictures!  While she was hesitant, as the window for maternity pictures came closer { between 30-34 weeks} she decided to a maternity session.  It was a beautiful fall day, she was glowing, and they are all so excited for this little one’s arrival it was easy to capture them.

I just delivered her images through PASS, and she sent me a text to say how happy she was that she did this session.  And I am sure you can see why she was happy.  This was not just about her.  This was about her whole family!


The countdown is on!

In less than a month, we will find out who’s guess is right!  They are so blessed with wonderful friends & family who all can’t wait to hear the news of this sweet little bundle of joy’s arrival.  And this little miracle is blessed to have a wonderful family to enter!  I have known mom & dad for many years and I can’t wait for them to have this little one in their arms ♥

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