Lifestyle Photography Session|Chicagoland Photographer

I get to capture moments for families to treasure.

Two of the most asked questions I get is what is the cost and where do I take pictures at for the session?

And while price often depends on the location, I always encourage people to think of a place that is comfortable for their children/family.  I have been working with this family for the last 5 years and last year Mom wanted to try a lifestyle fun session, which led us to a Fort Park where the kids were in their element.  It was a beautiful morning, the kids were playing, laughing, hiding and not just posing for the camera.  Mom was happy!!

So school is out and this year Mom asked what I thought about the zoo as the kids love the zoo and being members it was easy to access for them.  Truly from the moment I walked out of the car the kids excitement to show me around the zoo was overflowing.  Even when we would stop for a “posed” picture it was an easy smile and then they couldn’t wait to show me the next stop!

And while the kids were patient waiting for the polar bear window – it truly paid off with this moment – and they even forgot I was there with them!  And magically this happened. The awe of waiting for the bear and to see if he/she was going to the take the plunge.

We had a great time and I can’t wait to see what Mom’s next idea is!!

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