making memories as a family – chicagoland family photographer {tinley park}

Each summer since our oldest was two, we hit the beach of Lake Michigan for a week in July.  We don’t travel far from home & it feels like we pack up the entire house, but each year when we arrive it’s like home away from home!!  We rent a house settle in and enjoy a week of family time at the beach.  This year  we hit the beach everyday and captured many sunsets over the lake.  The kids LOVED their new boogie boards & the plus side of a few storms coming through were they brought some waves into the lake.  I love beach days and each year the kids amaze me with their new swimming tricks and sand castle villages.  It is truly wonderful to just sit {and snap away} as they be kids.  I realize how fast the time has gone as this was the first year I didn’t have to be by their side the entire time.  I sat back and watched my babies play and be kids.  Time truly goes faster each day.  Love vacation memories as it’s truly a time to focus on the most important things in my world – my family.  While as fun as vacation was, all good things come to and end they say.  As it is a memory now – I treasure the big & little moments of those days and I am so extremely thankful for them.

I apologize for the delay in any responses over the last two weeks as we were gone and getting settled again.  As I have not had a chance to edit many pictures from our trip but here are a few.

Also if you are thinking of getting some fall pictures the calendar has been filling up – so don’t wait to the last minute!!

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