My newest interest – chalk paint – tinley park family/child photography

We have been in our home for 9 years and during this time I have envisioned painting our kitchen cabinets since we moved in, as they are oak.  Needless to say two kids later , a puppy and new business, they are still the same colored cabinets that were here when we walked through the house for the first time.  And now with pinterest and Houzz, I see so many kitchen ideas and keep pinning them for that one day I get the courage and skills to paint the cabinets.

Recently one of my clients who I have become friends with, who is super creative, shared with me her recent makeovers on facebook using Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I was in awe of the transformation on her bathroom cabinet, bedroom furniture and a few decorative pieces, which she did pregnant with a toddler at home.  Recently, she just had a baby and at the newborn session I saw all her pieces and I had to learn more.

She sent me the information to a local shop that sold the paint that had classes.  I immediately looked it up {what a cute store} and ironically there was a class during the day the next week which I was able to attend.  So I signed up despite being knee deep in the fall busy season of photography.  I was then chatting with my sister-in-law,  and she asked if I heard of this chalk paint.  Once I shared the details about the class, she was on board too and we took a morning class & had lunch together.

The class was AWESOME as is the store {somewhere dangerous for me to be in too long}!!

I was AMAZED by the ease of use of chalk paint.  My kids were amazed when they saw the picture frame I painted in class.  My daughter said mom that looks something you would buy in a store.  I couldn’t wait to try it out again.  So I was back the next day to buy the products to start painting our oak bathroom vanity.

So I wanted to share my project with you – which was completed START to FINISH in the morning {between breakfast and lunch}.  This paint requires NO prep work besides cleaning the piece and letting it dry {yes NO sanding or priming you read that right}.  Then you can start to paint {and the paint dries super fast like 20-30 min}.  Then your piece is ready for the next coat.  The final step was to wax and buff.  I was so impressed by the transformation as was my family!!

Here are the pictures & each step!!

Before – cleaned and ready for transformation


After Coat One of Annie Sloan Cocoa chalk paint


After Coat Two


And they say Annie Sloan covers in two but being my first project I think I didn’t put it on thick enough the first coat so I did a watered down coat three which helped make a smoother look & then waxed it.  I did do dark wax in the creases.


This totally changed my bathroom & I was proud of myself for going ahead on tackling this project.


I am so thankful for being introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I definitely have gained enough confidence & after the holidays I will be tackling my kitchen cabinets.


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