newborn to school days – chicago child photographer {south suburbs}

Nine years ago after having my first child I returned to the accouting world, which was short lived, as after a few months back, we took a leap of faith for me to stay home and do consulting out of the house.  During those years I was blessed with two more baby boys and the days were busy with three young ones.  All the kids are two years apart in school so the last five years I have slowly gained a few hours with less kids or a few hours kid-free and found Christina Bailitz Photogrpahy but today was a new milestone.  One that I know I have said many times “I can’t wait for you all to be in school.”  Well that day is here, all my babies

are no longer here with me having lunch and playtime

They are all at school together in 4th grade, 2nd grade, and Kindergarden

I was so glad my husband was home to go with me to drop off as I did shed some tears {ok I sobbed}.  I still see them like their very first picture  together taken at the hospital.

It’s a whole new world for me.  Yes, I will have time to get more stuff done and I am so thankful I have my photography world to do something I love.  As I sit here in my quiet house alone I am taking a trip down memory lane of memories:

– snuggle time on the couch with Disney {I have been an avid Disney watcher for many years – from JoJo Circus to Jake & the Neverland Pirates}

– play dates with friends & their kids where the imagination was vivid as they came out dressed up

– hearing “mom”  more times than I can count

– answering questions about anything and everything

 – making sure they eat their lunch

– lunch dates with the youngest when the other two were at school

– taking adventures whether big or small

– Donut Fridays

– my youngest asking me “right mom” after everything he asks me

I can’t wait to pick them up as my youngest said for me to stand far away so he can run to me and hug me!  So for those of you with little ones everyone tells you the time goes fast but you really can’t imagine how fast it goes.

Happy School Year to all those with School Age Kids!  May it be a good one!!

{thanks for reading on as I usually don’t post about my world too much but today was a big day for me!!!}

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