Senior year – chicago high school senior photographer {tinley park}

The fall season is the start of many high school seniors officially preparing for their next chapter!  It is filled with high school football games, filling out applications, fun times with friends, homecoming and it is also a great time to capture their senior pictures.  This is a still milestone photo session for the parents, not the first year milestones many think of when thinking of milestones and photography, but truly amazing to think that the little baby is now grown up.  As I meet with the seniors and their parents, I can see how excited they are for their children to be fulfilling their dreams, how proud they are that they have these dreams, and love hearing the seniors talk about their future plans. As a mom and my oldest being in sixth grade, I can’t imagine her being at this stage, but I know it will happen in the blink of an eye {as all the parents tell me}.  So make sure to stop and soak it all in no matter the age of your children!!  We all know time moves faster than we’d like most of the time.


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