smiles for mom’s birthday but really for ice cream – tinley park child holiday photographer

I often hear from everyone that my kids pictures are always “just right”!

Yesterday my kids had picture day and not lying 10:30p the night before I am scrambling what will they wear.  My daughter was easy she had a new dress still with tags she saved.  The boys that’s another story since we can’t wear sports wear which lines their closets.  However they both had green & navy polos and since they couldn’t wear green per the photographer – navy it was.  When they were all dressed the next morning miraculously all three of them matched.  The weather was not looking great for the afternoon, so my evening session in the city cancelled and my carpoolers had other plans.  So as I left to get the kids I decided to grab my camera and take them out for a quick photo session {before the rain} to get some fall pictures.  Why not they were dressed and the weather was just right at the moment…..

And here starts our session!!  And I am including what you don’t normally see  – the out takes from my photo sessions.


Missing one in the picture below but he added his shoe for me.


I hope you are laughing with me!!

And then it happened we became focused and we walked away with some of my favorite pictures of them in my favorite season.  I LOVED that my daughter told her brothers that if they do this well it would be my {upcoming} birthday present and maybe mom will get us ice cream after.  I already ordered the image below to get put up and this was yesterday!



And they were troopers as by now it was raining but I really wanted to try this spot for a picture!  And they did it with smiles.


This definitely was worth an ice cream treat for them on the way home.
And sure to be a birthday present I always treasure!

How I LOVE these kids!!

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