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Yep!  We started off this week with “one of those mornings.”  When you thought you had it all together with a few minutes to spare and then ended up pulling into school on two wheels with a minute to spare.

Since break I have complimented the kids on the easier mornings.  Could it be we are all refreshed?  Could it be I am trying to stay more focused?  Could it just be luck?  I am sure it is a little of all three.

However, Monday the GLOVES were the reason.  One of the boys couldn’t find his gloves, he told his brother that the gloves he had on were his, but he denied that they were, so we had to look for gloves – I mean it was like 5 degrees out and they needed gloves.  So after a search and resorting to we will get a new pair, please wear these other ones for today, we get in the car to go.  Only to realize after the first stop light that one has forgot his lunch.  Back home we go.  In the meantime, my daughter is not finding this morning one ounce entertaining.  We arrive home and he still can’t find his lunch.

Mom to the rescue….. It is on his dresser along with HIS gloves!  So now we know the original pair of gloves he staked clain to were not his!  We finally pull into school with about 4 minutes to spare. And we all go our ways to learn and work.

After school, I pick them up only to have one of the boys say I can’t find my hat.  I ask if it is at after school care, he says No.  I said just go look…..And what do you know, he comes out with the hat and the GLOVES.  All we could all do was laugh as we started out the school day with the glove drama and ended it with it.

While we didn’t have it all together, I am sure we will talk about the GLOVE day in the days, weeks, months ahead – maybe even this summer at the beach : )  How many days till summer break????????

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