this is why you book a creative photography session for your toddler – tinley park child and family photography

I have been capturing Ashlyn since her newborn pictures when she arrived a few weeks early on Christmas Eve eighteen months ago.  It has been such a joy to watch her grow over her first year and I was so excited when they booked an eighteen month session.  Ashlyn was so talkative and on the move exploring everything from rocks, the paths, flowers, to watching the people fishing at the location catching fish and the yoga class taking place in the park.  Toddler years are full of exploration and we captured her being a fun toddler.

I always tell parents this is why you book a creative photography session.  I focus on them being “toddlers” as many of us parents don’t look back on the toddler years of our children sitting in one place just smiling.  Capturing them on the go, exploring, and being expressive.  It doesn’t have to be a specific milestone but if you have never had an outdoor photo session letting your toddler be a toddler don’t miss the chance – there are mini and full sessions still available for 2013!!

As you can see we had a great time and captured Ashlyn being a fun happy toddler!

And I loved that she said Yes to getting a picture with me on the way to the car when her mom asked.  Oh it’s been so long since I had a very little girl to snuggle with – treasure these moments!!  Thanks “K & K” for sharing your sweetheart with me!!

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