this one is for the moms & dads – tinley park family photographer

How many of you have taken the plunge and bought a DSLR camera to capture your family without the lag of the point & shoot?  I hear from clients & friends often that they have DSLR and keep it on auto as they are not sure what else to do with all the buttons and sometimes just use their iphone instead of bringing it along!!

So this spring, I started to work with a few women individually to help them use their DSLR out of auto!  I am the type that learns hands on better – so I felt instead of trying to put together a manual when everyone’s camera is slightly different and offer a few classes that one on one help may work better.  It was so fun to watch the “Ah-ha” moments as they saw their pictures lose that “auto” look and see more natural image that more depth & blur.  The first step is learning and then practice practice practice.  So as summer is here {even without the summer temps} I wanted to offer this again!

Getting out of Auto – $75

– We will meet for one hour and work on shooting out of auto in the Tinley Park area

– Prior to the meeting I will send a questionnaire to identify where to start our meeting

– I suggest getting the 50mm 1.8 lens {if Nikon check to get the right one that works with your model} – it truly is a great lens you can use everyday and reasonably priced lens.

-$25 payment deposit is required to hold your spot due within 7 days of booking.  


Dates for June : Fri. June 14 – 9a; Wed. June 19 – 9a; Fri. June 28 – 9a

Dates for July : Tues. July 9 – 9:30a; Thurs. July 11 – 9:30a; Wed. July 31 – 9a

Dates for August: Sun. Aug 4 – 10a; Wed. Aug 7 – 9:30a; Fri Aug 9 – 9:30a

{these are the dates I am offering if they book I may add more}

Here are some samples of work done from one getting out of auto session

And one more

These images are straight out of the camera {no editing done} and the focus of each is definitely more evident when shooting out of auto!  So if you are interested in learning how to shoot out of auto – contact me now at

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