Time to Play Ball | Tinley Park Photographer

Spring time means it’s time to play ball! Opening Day comes for major league and little league! Many families spend hours at the baseball fields in the spring watching their favorite players go to bat and play ball.  I am a true believer that capturing your family moments where you spend time is so important to your story.  So if you are a baseball or softball family, why not get a session at the field.  Get images with that awesome bat they had to have or their mitt that is so worn in that it fits them like a glove in their uniform (when the white pants are still white).

I had a great time capturing these images at my sports model call.  One of my favorite parts was when he asked what was the point of the pictures.  I asked this almost 5th grader, when you look at the pictures you take on picture day for sports and then think of these pictures you took, which one feels more like baseball.  His response was these ones because I am on the field and have my stuff.  Check out the collage at the end of the post from this session.

If you are interested in a spring sports session, please contact me to discuss.  Due to availability/use of fields, sessions are best during weekdays after school and soon weekday mornings (how many more days till school is out I keep asking).

These sessions can work for most spring sports too!!  So if you are a soccer, basketball, or lacrosse enthusiast,  we can meet at those fields.

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