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Back in the ’90’s, I started my summer job in the mail room and answering the phones at a local company.  I had no idea that the best part of that job, would be meeting a wonderful friend.

Let’s fast forward through time, and now we are both married and busy mom’s and all that time we had that summer and other summers to hang around is hard to find.  I treasure the times my phone dings and I see its a text from her just saying hi or when I see have an opening and I can squeeze in a picture session of her beautiful family and she makes it work.  Time often goes by longer than we would like, but when we see each other it is like it was yesterday!!

And one thing, we have both are so very thankful for is Lurie’s Children’s Hospital here in Chicago.  Both of us have sons that have been treated there for completely different things, but we both visit there with our strong boys!  And their family has taken the holiday season to give back to Lurie’s.  I encourage to read their story and during this time of giving, if you are looking for somewhere to donate or share your treasure, please check out Leddy Clause.  I will be donating this year again.


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