Winter 2014 project complete – new updated kitchen – tinley park family photographer

Winter is typically a slower time for photography and Mother Nature has definitely made staying indoors my choice of preference for most days between the freezing temps and many many inches of snow this winter in Chicago {I am sure spring is coming very soon}!

Despite this pretty snowy view today!!



We bought our home ten years ago and while we knew it needed some TLC, we loved the layout and the space it had for our growing family.  Little did we realize how much TLC it would take to make it “ours” and the kitchen I dreamed of was on the horizon each year.  Over the years, we replaced appliances {some twice now}, countertops; lights and sink.  While our cabinets are sturdy honey colored oak, it became increasingly apparent to us that tearing them out to put in the same layout was not what we really wanted to do.  We had discussed painting the cabinets a few times over the years.  We even had a few painters give us estimates to paint them, but the they agreed they couldn’t guarantee there would be no “grain” showing still which worried me for the cost.  So the project stayed on the horizon.

Then this past October I was working at a newborn clients home who recently used chalk paint to paint and she sparked my interest.  So I took her information and I signed up for an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class to learn how to use the paint.  Within a week of the class, I painted our bathroom vanity and I was surprised how well it came out and really wasn’t that difficult to paint.  That was a huge boost of confidence to start my kitchen.  I decided to wait till after the holidays and on New Years Day I started the venture {nervously as I knew this was a large undertaking and thought I was going to vomit putting on the first brush stroke of paint as there was no turning back now 27 doors and 10 drawers here I come}.  This was by far the largest home project I took on solo and I knew if it went wrong it was going to be a very expensive fix.  It took patience, time and a learning curve, but in the end I have the kitchen I visioned and new beautiful hardwood floors.  It is a Bright – Open – Fresh – Clean Look!!

I am so very thankful for the many bloggers that posted on their experience with the Annie Sloan Chalk paint from the process they used to the tips they discovered that worked for them!!  It was so helpful!!  After years of chatter on how I wanted white cabinets {even the kids knew I wanted white cabinets},  I have them and LOVE them!  And even better, the whole cabinet painting was just under $500 for paint and materials {yes you read that right}!

I learned so much doing this project!  Like…..

Annie Sloan paint really does go a long way

{I used 3 quarts of each color and mixed one quart of old white to one quart of pure white for this color}

 how to use the cordless drill to take cabinets off and back on

{yes you take the doors off and I put all hinges in each bag for each door and left in cabinet}

{putting them back on I felt was hardest}

Even though I thought the cabinets were pretty clean the years showed when I cleaned them

{I wiped down first with soap/water and then thank you lots of Clorox Wipes to the rescue}

Use the clear topcoat to protect stains seeping through & final sealing

{put topcoat before painting, then paint till you have coverage you like, then two coats of clear wax & then two coats of topcoat.  This is where you can see time and patience and I know have a better understanding why the painters rates were what they were.}

Annie Sloan paint dries super fast

(20-40 min per coat so you can put multiple coats on in one day}

 It may more than two coats of paint if paint you thin coats and want a super smooth look on the oak and that is ok

{Since paint dries fast you don’t go over layers it’s a quick brush over and then the next you gain more coverage I ended up with four layers but I wanted a very smooth even finish and I paint very thin coats. I would lightly sand with 220 grit between layers to make smoother}

Waxing the cabinets is not as tedious as I thought but it takes 24 hours to dry between applications

{I used two coats of clear wax and buffed a little between}

Waxing makes the paint makes the paint a bit darker so I am glad I went with the lighter mixture

And I learned that I used many arm/shoulder muscles painting & waxing that I don’t use daily!  I am not going to lie – my arms had some sore days!!

{but it was all worth it}

So after all this here are the before & after pictures




DSC_5509I am so proud of myself!

My biggest fear was the oak grain showing through.  And the Annie Sloan chalk paint really covered well and hid that grain!!  Here are close ups of the doors before & after.



I would HIGHLY encourage anyone to paint their own cabinets.  It really changes your look without leaving your pockets dry!  Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about it!  As I was not a crafty home DIY project person and I did it!!  You can too!!

April 13, 2014 - 7:36 pm

Karil - They look great!! What topcoat are you referring to?

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