yesterday is a memory for tomorrow – chicago suburb child photographer {tinley park}

I can’t even believe that next week is July!

How did June go by so fast!?!  I seem to often say that “time went by fast”.  This June I made a vow to myself to get my BIG camera out more and capture my own family and EDIT and SHARE the pictures.  I have LOTS of pictures but sometimes I just don’t get to them as quick as I’d like – I say it is kind of like the painters house that is still waiting to get painted.  However I have stuck to that vow this month and it has been so fun to see the kids on the computer screen and to relive the moments.

Kind of like a session.  I absolutely LOVE getting out and using my creative side with your family to capture today’s moments!  I truly LOVE when I get home and start to review the images for the editing process.  And I LOVE hitting “send” to share your sessions with you.  These images will be your memories for tomorrow.  I am lucky to LOVE my job.

So now that the final days of June are here, I wanted to share some of our everyday moments with you since they are ready!!

{Sorry for the number of them ahead of time}

a birthday celebration

first trip to the pool for the year

first trip down the slide without mom for the youngest with his big sister

baseball days

skateboarding fun

summer days smiling with siblings

she is so creative – this is a duct tape pen

Saturday morning baseball time

just hanging at home with the new puppy

The last game of tball before moving up

at the all star game with his medal

keeping the puppy dry during the rain

the morning after the BIG win – Yeah Hawks!!!

special day with mom at build a bear

quick beach stop at New Buffalo

Mom said not to get to wet as we have no extra clothes and ONE towel : )

So excited to see how the matter settled in the water bottle

not sure how she is ten already

Thankful for all these everyday moments!!!

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